Why You Must Actively Design Your Retirement

Why You Must Actively Design Your Retirement

As we become adults, we think retirement is a long way off.  It seems hard to save  for and even harder to think about stopping work. 

And even if we love our jobs, eventually we are all faced with the option or the unexpected need to retire, sometimes because of health, or because a family member needs us, or because our employer no longer does.

Did you know  according to a 2015 Angus Reid Survey.

Nearly half of ALL retired Canadians said they had to retire earlier than planned, according to a 2015 Angus Reid Survey.. Are you ready to plan your retirement? " Click To Tweet

Because you might have to retire earlier than you think, it makes sense to begin planning now. At least annually, review your savings and expenses and look how you would manage if you had to be off work today. 

Another reason to plan how you’ll spend you future time, is the pandemic which made many people re-evaluating what’s important to them. Something Retirement Coaching helps you discover.

In an Angus Reid Institute survey released March 2022, Four-in-five (81%) Canadians say the pandemic has been an opportunity to take stock of what really matters in their life as they enter the next phase. Retirement Coaching… Click To Tweet

Why people go back to work after retiring

However, many people don’t know what to expect in retirement.  They imagine all the things they will do yet sadly within 6 – 18 months, they are drifting and looking for something to inspire them. Drifting without any purpose and without a plan for their days and months.  Naturally many drift back to where they last had a purpose: work. 

Don’t waste your remaining years cycling between work and retirement because you lack a purpose.  Instead, be intentional about what You Want from the last years of your life. What do you want to do, how do you want to be remembered, how can you make a difference?  How can you find a new purpose?   We can help you find those answers. 

Finding Your Purpose in Retirement

The Retirement Dreams website and our coaching plans are here to help you find your purpose in retirement. Having a purpose is a basic need for humans to thrive.  If you have lost yours or want to make your retirement the best it can be, or if you want to ease into retirement starting now, let us help you. 

Whatever you chose to call it: retirement, semi-retirement, next phase, new stage, next chapter, it will be more fulfilling and meaningful if it is planned by you  with purpose.

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Retirement Goals

Whatever your individual goals may be:  spending time with family, travelling, golfing, pursuing new creative passions, charitable works, or anything else, this time is often a time for reflection, and giving of, and to yourself.

Retirement Dreams is about living with purpose.  We encourage you to dream, design, and develop the next stage of your life with intention.  

How ready are you for retirement?

Get started today! Get your personalized retirement readiness score and begin planning for your retirement with purpose. 

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 As our site develops we will offer you more information, more opportunity to connect with others, events, coaching, workshops, personalized assessments, expert help and more. 

In November 2014, we presented the inaugural Retirement Planning Conference in Kelowna BC  We had a dozen expert speakers on a variety of topics including financial planning, travel, hypnosis for well-being, part-time employment, nutrition, and more.  As well a full-day trade show welcomed the public to learn more and meet local businesses that serve the baby-boomer and generation x generations.  We intend to create other events and opportunities.25x25 web icon