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I read an interesting article today that if married couples are around people who are getting divorced at work and in their social circles, they are more likely to get divorced themselves.

This could be true also for retirees: if you see your colleagues, counterparts, friends and family retiring, would you be more likely to retire, regardless of your financial readiness.

The researched-based article from Squared Away, which is linked below, suggests that there are psychological factors at play when making the decision.  One financial planner is quoted as saying that pre-retirees have a vague idea of where they’re at financially; however, often, he suggests it’s an important change such as a friend’s retirement or deteriorating health that brings about a retirement.

Additionally, I see others who would fall into the category referenced of having more education and resources, working into their late 60’s or 70’s.  Perhaps because they have been more successful at their job and retaining their professional identity longer outweighs their perceived benefits of more leisure time.  What is your experience?

Please comment below on your personal or anecdotal experience of others who are approaching or in retirement.  We can learn from each other!

Source: Few Put Finances First When Retiring | Squared Away Blog

Retirement is your choice!

cropped-67p1pgk2_400x400.jpegAn interesting thing, is that as people I know reach retirement age, they seem to hesitate and later to flounder wondering what to do.  Is it possible that all the emphasis has been on financial planning with a belief that they will never retire?

Until one day, they’re retired.

This website intends to help inspire the planning process, the positive anticipation, and a courageous approach to living your best life in your retirement, whatever that may look like.

To begin, we must not get hung up in the word retirement.  It has a lot of baggage.  Whatever it will mean for you, firstly, don’t let anyone define what your retirement should look like, or when you are ready.

Welcome to Retirement Dreams, a community of information, inspiration, and intention setting for your own meaningful, purposeful retirement.

This is the time of your life! So many people find themselves in retirement, wondering what to do with their time, talents, and money.  Too many people return to work, not because they need the money, but because they don’t know how to fill their days without the schedule of work.

Visit this site often and learn from other pre-retirees, retirees, career-changers, coaches, and professionals. We invite you to be a part of this community, explore and share how to help other live their retirement dreams!