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The Retirement Dreams website exists to help you find your purpose in retirement.  Eventually we are all faced with the option or the need to retire, sometimes because of health, sometimes because of changes with our employer, or for many other reasons.

Usually in one’s 40s or 50s, career thoughts turn to what will happen when your job isn’t part of your daily life.  Are you planning already? Leave a comment below about where you’re at.  For some people they feel unready to plan that phase of their life until they’re actually in it. Is that you?

Traffic Sign "New Life vs. Old Life"It may make sense to begin planning long before you think you need to.  A  poll of 2000 Canadians by Angus Reid in 2015 found nearly half of Canadian retirees had been forced into retirement earlier than they had planned.  

Retirement Dreams content and coaching services are here to help you plan and live the next phase of your working life.  Whatever you chose to call it: retirement, semi-retirement, next phase, new stage, next chapter, it will be more fulfilling and meaningful if it is planned by you to be a time with purpose.

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Whatever your individual purpose may be:  spending time with family, travelling, golfing, pursuing new creative passions, charitable works, or anything else, this time is often a time for reflection and giving of, and to yourself.

Retirement Dreams is about living with purpose.  It encourages you to dream, design, and develop the next stage of your life with intention.  And to share your journey with us and others.  As our site develops we will offer you more information, more opportunity to connect with others, events, coaching, workshops, personalized assessments, expert opinion and more.

In November 2014, we presented the inaugural Retirement Planning Conference in Kelowna BC  We had a dozen expert speakers on a variety of topics including financial planning, travel, hypnosis for well-being, part-time employment, nutrition, and more.  As well a full-day trade show welcomed the public to learn more and meet local businesses that serve the baby-boomer and generation x generations.  We intend to create other live events and opportunities.

If you are interested in writing a blog post or being involved in an event, please contact us. 25x25 web icon

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